Free Demat & Trading Account

We are renewed authorized partnership with India’s top most broker whereas client will get the free demat and trading account & personal assistance for guiding As per our experience, opening account with low brokerage is the easiest task in today market but manage and shape the training account into profit is another task so we will help our client to achieve theirs financial goals in a good profit through our decades of experience and technical strategy.

Hedging Strategy

Trading in futures is more risky but trade in future with option crate the hedging position which will reduce the risk of against position in a market. Options are the insurance against future position in market but today scenario, mostly option is being trade for volume and gambling purpose. Client derivative position with hedging are covered like bulletproof jacket of trader.

Customer are always keen to get higher return in derivative market but lack of knowledge & wrong decisions in huge volatility, getting big losses from derivative market, we will provide technical hedging strategy in which customer will know their profit & loss before placing order in trading terminal. Mix of proportion future with option can give a handsome return from market in discipline manner.

Intraday Strategy

Some customer believes, market made for Intraday only but largest percentages of customer do the losses in intraday trade. Kavit technology providing intraday strategy with good hit target if customer follows all technical signals. We are providing best technical short term strategy with good parameter in which they can get higher intraday return with minimum stop loss.

Long-term Investments by technical software

We are providing customer portfolio management software for taking view of long term view, whereas customer can choose his strategy with their risk and reward ratio. Investors have to follow the software signal that will give option for entry and exit level. Entry and exit level will follow the rotation of money method which will save the investment money and boost the profit margin. Technical trades will always give confidence to investor to upgrade his profit which they were not getting lack of knowledge or rumor. After working two or three month experience, investor would know the importance of technical trade software.

Sound technical chart software

In Indian market average 90% customer doing trading or investment emotionally or news based which is main cause in market to be of losses. Suppose Mr. Atul, XYZ pvt ltd company shares trading at a price of 102.5, now as a customer- Mr. Atul want to buy xyz pvt ltd company shares  but what should be the parameter for Mr. Atul, whether he should buy or to be wait for it?

As a decades of experience and our sound technical software have sought out this problem in a very simply way where as you can take reference in our TRADE IDEA section in front of the website. Our software will help the customer to solve this problem of decision making to hold or exit at which level whether trade belongs to long term, short term at per theirs choice.

Robust online trading platform

Kavit technology is providing three online trading platform (mobile application, web browser & robust ODIN, NEST software. Customer can enjoy all online trading platform at per theirs choice & requirements with availability of time and track the position within 24 hours. In case of Non availability, customers having the offline trade facility to call N trade customer care assistance.

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