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Advantages To Be Associated With Kavit Technology

Customer Growth

Customer Centric Growth

We help our clients grow their profit by understanding what matters most to theirs trading pattern. Our chart understanding and solutions provide a deep knowledge of why & when customer, to buy or exit. We understand not only the “what” and the “how” but also try to provide consistence growth by discipline trade.

Kavit technology has always been prompt service on time so that customer can be delighted with us and get the right time recommendation by software with their risk and rewards. Get informed with strict discipline at right time automatically converts in to profit.

Trade Ideas


One of the best ways to improve your trading skills is to control emotions & trade with discipline. Trade ideas can be predictions, market analyses or trade set-ups based on concrete market conditions. With the technical charts, you can see how predictions actually played out. Ideas can also contain educational material and show how trading methods, analysis approaches or tools exactly work. Technical trades can be diversified in different segment like equity, currency & commodity. Market opportunity can be stuck at any time so opportunist can takes the advantage with different segment of trades.

Options Trading


Options are the risk averse in its nature if trade done with right obligations. Options are the main factor for controlling customer risk in highly volatile market.

Understanding option trades are very difficult with its decreasing value. Customer normally trades in futures but does not know how to create low risk position?

Our technical trades suggest to make right position with the right options so that they can control theirs risk and create the profit in futures & options with discipline.

Customer Service


Prompt service and immediate response are our commitment to customers. Client service is the process of ensuring client satisfaction with a product or service. In our present business, Clients feel delighted to work with us by our services and even time to time, we are providing technical assistance program and online trading guidance so they can update to themselves for better trade and investment.

Discipline and controlling emotions are our ideology to convert market opportunity in to profit.

Profitable Trade Predictions

Hi this is lave Manav, a sub broker, I am extremely happy working with this software,

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Diversified Trade Segments

Kavit tech technology has made this technical strategy keeping you to take advantage

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Commitment Towards Clients

Kavit technology has always been in pioneer in technical services and very committed

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About Us

Advantages To Be Associated With Kavit Technology
Pay Less And Expect More With KavitTech

Kavittech’ CEO has served investors since 2005. And although we are known for our innovation and deep financial market knowledge, our real value is providing the help and support you need to achieve your investing and trading goals.
Open an account today, and you’ll soon discover how paying less can actually help you gain more when you invest with Kavittech.

  • Free demat and trading account with Low brokerage*

  • Facility to choose renewed brokers to open demat trading account

  • Profitable option strategy against investment

  • Assist all futures and option hedging strategy

Advantages To Be Associated With Kavit Technology

  • ✪   Free demat and trading account with Low brokerage*

  • ✪  Facility to choose renewed brokers to open demat trading account

  • ✪  Provide all technical charts in one platform (equity, currency, and commodity)

  • ✪  Profitable option strategy against investment

  • ✪  Back end support of demat, trading account and technical software

  • ✪  Life time demat AMC free*

  • ✪  Proper guidance of trading and technical software

  • ✪  Previous trend analysis of all indices and futures (equity, banknifty, futures stock, currency, commodity)

  • ✪  Assist long term portfolio building for better return through technical guidance

  • ✪  Assist all futures and option hedging strategy

  • ✪  Make profitable trades through advanced real time technical chart software in equity, forex, and commodity

  • ✪  Robo* trading also available

Why it’s worth to choose Kavittech?

Kavittech provides tools to investor, trader a decision making power in equity, commodity and currency market for right time entry and exit with a minimum stop loss. Our technology gives an option to customer to choose his portfolio with their risk and reward.

Better Price

Market competitions are at its on higher level. Today scenario, customer are being promised by very low brokerage

Trade Ideas And Investment

Trade ideas are basically depends on domestic & international market conditions, Customer who are using our strategy,

Intraday Strategy

Kavit technology providing of course additional* free trading strategy which is based on break in & break out pattern.

Trade With Renewed Brokers

As well technical assistance, Kavit technology providing an option for customers to open free demat and trading account

Derivatives Hedging Strategy

A risk management strategy designed to reduce risk in future position with any adverse price movement. Some customer are always

Globalize benefit Eq, Currency, Comm

Today’s financial globalization era, all domestic & globe markets are dependent to each other. One negative factor make
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